Journeys with Christ is a daily, emailed devotional that I write for. I will only be adding my devotionals here, but if you would like to read more, you may visit the website. Those of us who contribute wish to encourage you and point you to Jesus Christ the Savior.


December 2023: The Touch of the Word of Life

November 2023: Jonah – the Opposite of Meekness

October 2023 (bonus): But If Not

October 2023: When Faith Doesn’t Move Mountains

September 2023 (bonus): Two Views of Christ in Isaiah

September 2023: The Beauty of Holiness

August 2023 (bonus 2): Live Now For Then

August 2023 (bonus 1): The Lesson of the Flies

August 2023: In His Time

July 2023: Our Longsuffering Points Others to Christ

June 2023: Of

May 2023: You Can Have Joy Again

April 2023: Boaz, a Type of Christ’s Love

March 2023 (bonus): God Understands Our Fear

March 2023: God Can Still Do Great Things!

February 2023: The Great Creator Became My Savior

January 2023: What do You Want to be Known For?  

December 2022: Christ’s Love

November 2022: Jesus: The Example

October 2022: Consider Who We Worship

September 2022: Kindness on Purpose

August 2022: Obedience: Show That You Believe

July 2022: I’m Saved, but I’ve Sinned