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Saturday, February 11

Happy Saturday, my friends! Today, I want to show you my newest book. See that great volume sitting next to my records? That is my new (to me) Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary Unabridged Second Edition. Isn’t it beautiful?!

My dad works at a few local elementary schools, and he saw the dictionary on a teacher’s shelf. He started telling her about me, and how much I love books and reading, and even about this blog. In turn, she told him how her grandfather had used this dictionary in college. It has a great history. Later that day, she flagged my dad down and said if I would really love the book then I could have it. She wanted it to belong to someone who would enjoy it. Now here it is, on display in my library. I will be writing some New Words posts today, and I intend to use my new dictionary for definitions.

If you ever read my blog, Ms. S, thank you so much for this lovely Webster’s Dictionary!

A Quick Thought on the Dictionary

In this day and age of easy internet searches with results at your fingertips, I must admit that I have not used a physical dictionary in many years. As a lover of books, of course I own a large Webster’s American Family Dictionary. I also own a pocket sized Webster’s American Dictionary (literally, it fits in my palm). But – like I did with my Thesaurus – I pulled my dictionaries off the shelf today just to relearn how to use them and find some of my “New Words” definitions the old-fashioned way. It’s nice, getting reacquainted with old friends.