I am only halfway through The Complete Casebook of Herlock Sholmes, but you would not believe how many times Sholmes has eaten poor Jotson’s breakfast. And every time is more hilarious than the last. Here is what happened in “The Trunk Mystery”:

“My dear Jotson, we must start at once,” said Herlock Sholmes, as I came down one morning into our sitting-room at Shaker Street.

I glanced towards the breakfast-table.

“My dear Sholmes, I have not yet – “

“We have to call upon Colonel Collywobble without the delay of a moment,” explained Sholmes. “But you know my efficient methods, Jotson. In order to save time I have eaten your breakfast, as well as my own. There is, therefore, nothing to delay us. Come!”

Herlock Sholmes and Dr Jotson, “The Trunk Mystery”, The Complete Casebook of herlock Sholmes, circa 1920