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Saturday, March 11

Happy Saturday, my friends! It was a lovely day here, sunny and warm. My mother and I went to see a play called Outside Mullingar. It was an Irish romance story and involved two sets of neighbors, aging parents, and a dispute over a piece of land. The ending was especially sweet. If you have the opportunity to see Outside Mullingar, I highly recommend it.

Today’s tea is English Breakfast with a bit of milk and sugar. I’m planning to write a few more New Words posts and then try to finish an extra chapter of Lion in the White House, if I don’t get too distracted by Rumi. Have a great rest of your Saturday!

March 4 – Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Saturday to you, my readers. And happy birthday to me! I’m currently celebrating by drinking Amaretto Hot Chocolate and working on some new posts. I hope you have enjoyed the Irish Poems over the last few weeks. Now I’m going to start adding some new words, quotes, and interesting facts about Teddy Roosevelt from the biography I’m reading, Lion in the White House. I did not know just how full a life he lived before he ever became president.

Fund Fact: Did you know that presidential inaugurations used to held on March 4?

Saturday, February 11

Happy Saturday, my friends! Today, I want to show you my newest book. See that great volume sitting next to my records? That is my new (to me) Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary Unabridged Second Edition. Isn’t it beautiful?!

My dad works at a few local elementary schools, and he saw the dictionary on a teacher’s shelf. He started telling her about me, and how much I love books and reading, and even about this blog. In turn, she told him how her grandfather had used this dictionary in college. It has a great history. Later that day, she flagged my dad down and said if I would really love the book then I could have it. She wanted it to belong to someone who would enjoy it. Now here it is, on display in my library. I will be writing some New Words posts today, and I intend to use my new dictionary for definitions.

If you ever read my blog, Ms. S, thank you so much for this lovely Webster’s Dictionary!

Saturday, February 4

Good morning my friends! It is a beautiful, though chilly, morning here. My tea cup says, “Don’t let today be a waste of Makeup”, but honestly, I’d rather not put any makeup on today. I’d like to stay inside and finish some of my draft posts. Then, my goal is to finish the last 50 pages of The Hunt for Red October. If I do that, I can start next week with a new book. What new book? I have no idea. But for now, I’m going to sip my cinnamon pear tea and write. Have a wonderful Saturday!


I am so glad it’s Saturday again! In my house, Saturday usually means sleeping in and no alarm clocks. Rest, laundry, tea, and writing are my main Saturday goals. When I do laundry, I sort all the clothes that piled up throughout the week into colors or textures. When they are washed and dried, they’re hung back up in the closet, ready for a new week.

I have special tea mugs that I use only on Saturdays because they don’t fit in my car cup holders. They’re bigger or oddly shaped or just too awkward to try to commute with. I will usually enjoy several mugs of tea or coffee during the day. I started today with Sweet Summer Cider Oolong tea with Cinnamon Matcha.

My favorite part of Saturday is when I can read and write uninterrupted. So right now, I am sitting in my big red chair in my newly organized library snuggling with my cat, Hattie, and listening to Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet ballet. I plan to write a few different blog posts today. I may even squeeze in a poem or a devotional. And when I’m done, I’ll set my computer aside so I can finish my book.

Happy Saturday!

Just a Minute this Morning

I am enjoying the last few minutes of my Saturday morning before the holiday busy-ness begins. I wish I had more like this. Sun. Tea. Grits, even if they are a bit thin. Blog. And my book. I had to take a picture. I have two holiday events back to back this afternoon, and so much more to do with the house this morning. But for just a few more moments, I’ll enjoy this stillness.