Happy Saturday, my friends! I’ve already had a busy morning. The Friends of the Local Library run a small bookshop about a mile from my house, so I decided to walk up there and see what they have today. I’m searching for several books from a particular author. Though they didn’t have any of his works, I did find three others to add to my library.

By the time I got home, I was hot and tired. Instead of making tea, I decided to drink a glass of Strawberry Electrolyte Boost. It’s pretty good, even though I have to keep stirring the powder in. It looks pretty next to my books, doesn’t it?

I haven’t written many posts recently because I’m doing more writing than reading these days. I am working on some poetry, my September devotional is due, and I’m also trying my hand at some fiction. I am definitely not ready to share it with the world yet, but it’s coming along. It feels so good put my thoughts on paper – to know that it is my story on the page and not someone else’s. My brother always says, it is important for us to have some kind of creative outlet, and for me, it has become writing.

I hope you have a nice Saturday, whether you create something amazing or enjoy another person’s work. And if you choose to read today, Happy Reading!