I think I have mentioned before that the Sherlock Holmes volume I am reading includes 4 novels and 44 short stories and is called The Greatest Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. So, as soon as I finished The Valley of Fear, I began reading the final collection of short stories, His Last Bow. This collection, originally printed together in 1917, includes:

  • “Wisteria Lodge”
  • “The Cardboard Box”
  • “The Red Circle”
  • “The Bruce-Partington Plans”
  • “The Dying Detective”
  • “The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax”
  • “The Devil’s Foot”
  • “His Last Bow”

Although I recognize the name Lady Frances Carfax, I don’t remember if I know any of these stories. I am looking forward to reading them. Each story and novel has been a delight, and I think I’m a greater Holmes fan than I was before. I fully intend, once I finish these, to find the twelve which were not included in my volume.

Now, I’ve got my coffee and my book, and it’s a lovely, rainy afternoon. I’m going to finish reading “Wisteria Lodge”.