“From certain facts within my knowledge, Jotson, I deduce that you will have no breakfast this morning,” said Sholmes.

I started.

“Sholmes!” I murmured.

“I think you will find it will prove to be so, Jotson.”

“From what data, Sholmes, do you draw this very remarkable deduction?” I could not help inquiring.

Sholmes smiled.

“I do not mind explaining, my dear fellow. The food restrictions cause only a certain amount of provender to be placed upon the breakfast-table – “


“The portion allotted to me did not satisfy my appetite, Jotson, and I therefore at your breakfast as well as my own. There is nothing left for you, my dear fellow. To the trained mind the conclusion is obvious. You will have no breakfast this morning.”

I could only gaze at my amazing friend in silent admiration. I need not say that Sholmes’ deduction proved to be perfectly correct.

“THE CASE OF THE CURRANT BUN”, The Complete Casebook of Herlock Sholmes, by Charles Hamilton, circa 1917