The Lion took the Hare with him: they ran 
     together to the well and looked in.
The Lion saw his own image: from the water appeared 
     the form of a lion with a plump hare beside him.
No sooner did he espy his enemy than he left the Hare 
     and sprang into the well.
He fell into the pit which he had dug: his iniquity 
     recoiled on his own head.

O Reader, how many an evil that you see in others is 
     but your own nature reflected in them!
In them appears all that you are - your hypocrisy, 
     iniquity, and insolence.
You do not see clearly the evil in yourself; else you 
     would hate yourself with all your soul.
Like the Lion who sprang at his image in the water,
     you are only hurting yourself, O foolish man.
When you reach the bottom of the well of your own nature, 
     then you will know that the wickedness is in you.

("The Evil in Ourselves" translated by R. A. Nicholson, Rumi, printed 2006)