Here is an odd word that isn’t a huge part of my vocabulary. (Sorry, I don’t listen to music by Led Zeppelin.) So, when I found it in The Complete Casebook of Herlock Sholmes, I had to look it up.

Zeppelin – a rigid airship, cigar-shaped, and supported by internal gas cells

Here is an article in the Encyclopedia Brittanica. One of the most famous zeppelins was the Hindenburg. Apparently, there is a difference between a zeppelin and a blimp.

Usage: Herlock Sholmes has been approached by an artist who is describing his missing work of art. “I am the leader of the Neo-Sculptors, my methods are ultra-modern. I used a pick-axe for my work – the results are astonishing. This statue – this masterpiece – was a miracle of art. I intended, at first to call it ‘The Riven Oak’; later I thought that ‘The Fallen Zeppelin’ would be a better title; but I finally decide upon ‘Venus’.”