I am so glad it’s Saturday again! In my house, Saturday usually means sleeping in and no alarm clocks. Rest, laundry, tea, and writing are my main Saturday goals. When I do laundry, I sort all the clothes that piled up throughout the week into colors or textures. When they are washed and dried, they’re hung back up in the closet, ready for a new week.

I have special tea mugs that I use only on Saturdays because they don’t fit in my car cup holders. They’re bigger or oddly shaped or just too awkward to try to commute with. I will usually enjoy several mugs of tea or coffee during the day. I started today with Sweet Summer Cider Oolong tea with Cinnamon Matcha.

My favorite part of Saturday is when I can read and write uninterrupted. So right now, I am sitting in my big red chair in my newly organized library snuggling with my cat, Hattie, and listening to Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet ballet. I plan to write a few different blog posts today. I may even squeeze in a poem or a devotional. And when I’m done, I’ll set my computer aside so I can finish my book.

Happy Saturday!